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Language Structure

The main levels of language include phonemes, morphemes, syntax, context, semantics, grammar and pragmatics. These levels of language work together in creating meaningful communication between people. Phoneme is the sounds smallest unit and has meaning to the native speaker (Haroldfs, 2017). A morpheme is the words smallest unit which provides a particular meaning to a string of letters (phoneme). Different types of morphemes include functional morpheme, inflectional morpheme and lexical morpheme (Piper, 2012). Syntax is the set of rules for constructing full sentences by an individual. Lastly, context in language is how everything works together in converting specific meaning.

Phonology- this is the sounds in English and it is concerned with the acoustic or physical speech sound properties and rules governing how these sounds in a speech are combined

Morphology- these are the building blocks of words. morphemes are the language’s essential building blocks and morphemes are also the smallest unit of meaning. Morphology is the study of how morphemes are combined and categorized. Lexical and functional morphemes are the two major types of morphemes (Piper, 2012).

Syntax- this is how sentences are made. The structure of English sentence or syntax is all about the order of the words or how morphemes are combined to form utterances that are meaningful.

Semantics and pragmatics- this making of the meaning and sense. Semiotics is the study of meaning in a language and include three language levels; syntax, semantics and pragmatics. According to Piper (2012), semantics refers to the relationship existing between the signs in linguistics and the real world. On the other hand, pragmatics refers to study of the existing relationship between language users and language signs


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